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REST vs SOAP security

It has been long time since I have written blog post regarding REST and SOAP. Anyway this post stems from discussion we had during a session on RESTful Web Services. This post is to put forth my opinion on SOAP vs REST security. Both approaches work, but have their own advantages and disadvantages to interfacing to web services, but it is up to the web developer to make the decision of which approach may be best for each particular case.In nutshell, REST and SOAP have two different approaches on WS security this defines that rest (HTTPS) secures the transmission of the message over the network and provides some assurance to the client about the identity of the server.Their interest in authenticating the client is not in the identity of the computer, but in your identity.
WS-Security offers confidentiality and integrity protection from the creation of the message to its consumption. So instead of ensuring that the content of the communications can only be read by the right server it en…

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