Eclipse Plugin Development Part 1


This tutorial will help you to get your hand with eclipse plugin development.Basically most of plugin are used in eclipse for adding more function to the ide which is very important for any serious developer. this tutorial is based on eclipse 4.3.1 (Kepler Service Release 1) and java 1.7.also assume that you are already familiar with stranded java development and eclipse ide. so lets move on to the development process...

1.Download Standard eclipse distribution.

You can simply download the eclipse 4.3 fro the eclipse download site 

also you should select the platform that you want to download eclipse for but most of the time download page will do that for you can extract the zip file any location that you want to place the ide. most of the time C drive in the widows Ubuntu it can be home folder or some where(place doesn't matter actually).

2.Developing the plugin project

2.1 Creating The project

in here you will create the eclips plugin project.

Create eclipse plugin call com.yourname.plugin.first via file → New→ Plug-in Development → Plug-in-project

enter the information as follow screen shots

select Hello, World Command! template and press next..

leave the default settings as they are and press finish button

if this is the first time you are developing plugin eclipse project IDE will ask that you want to switch to the plug-in development perspective. Answer Yes if you are prompted.

as result of above process you will create project like this.

2.2 Running eclipse IDE with your Plug-in

eclipse allows you to open the new eclipse instance with your plugin integrated to it. for that right click on your project and select run as  eclipse  application 

Then eclipse will starts a new instance of eclips application and there will be a sample menu which can start your plugin.once you click on that menu it will show you a massage box which saying "hello,eclipse world"


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