Eclipse Plugin Development Part 2

Hi everyone, so in this tutorial i would like to walk you guys into another special part of eclipse plugin development which is how are we going to deploy our plugin in locally and how we going to make our plugin available to other eclipse users. through out this tutorial i assume that you guys have already followed my article Eclipse Plugin Development part 1 which will give you a reasonable good understanding about how to create a eclipse plugin.

1.Make your plug-in available in Eclipse IDE

There are certain ways that you can deploy your plugin into Eclipse Ide.

  1. Install your plug-in directly into your Eclipse installation from your Eclipse IDE. this would be really help full if you are testing your plugin while developing.
  2. export your plugin and put it in your dropins Folder. by this way you can simply distribute your plugin but there is no simple way that you can provide updates to the plug-in. so by the view point of end user this is not very convenient way of deploy your plugin.
  3. create update site and make your plugin available via eclipse update manager.this would be really easy way for end users to get use of your plugin.

1.1 install plugin directly from your eclipse ide

you can simply install plugin to your running eclipse IDE.

invoke your plugin export wizard and there will be a option for this. to invoke plugin export wizard-
File → Export → Plug-in Development → Deployable plug-ins and fragments.

once you select the Deployable plug-ins and fragments  this will invoke a window like this.

in this window just select install into host. Repository  and press finish then it will be automatically available to your eclipse ide.

1.2 export plugin into your dropins folder

for export that plugin in to your dropins folder, after invoking Deployable plug-ins and fragments wizard select the option Directory and export the plugin into wherever you want to export, in my case i will export it into my desktop.

this will create a .jar file which hold your plugin in the location that you gave. so go to that location and copy the plugin and paste it in the dropins folder at your eclipse installation directory.

ok guys that's how we deploy the eclipse plugins in to our local eclipse IDE but there is important thing left to do which is, how we are going to deploy our plugin into global eclipse community. actually this is little bit complex thing to to do but it will be really interesting. so i will make it as a next chapter of this eclipse plugin development tutorial series.  that chapter will contain more interesting things like how to create update sites, adapters and so on.since then happy coding.