E-Commerce Application For "Reader" Book Club

This Was a one of my projects that i been working on for the Book Collectors Club.This web application is dedicated to catering a specific need for people who are interested in books. I have noticed that though there are online bookstores for popular publishers, it is hard to find a good place to sell books for independent book publishers and authors who are not well known but publish quality books. So they are limited to selling their books in a small aria unless a bigger publisher notice their product and make a new contract to publish it a new. 

The other fact i try to address by my application is the fact that there are almost no website which allows independent book collectors and small scale library owners to exhibit their collections. In my application we not only allow this function but we also allow them to get in contact with each other to request trades or even lending them for private use, though we do not plan on taking responsibility for those type of exchanges and transport of that type. 

 My application will encourage future book collectors and related parties like independent authors and publishers to come together and create a place for any new member in this industry to get a proper foothold on the market without making unnecessary commitment or investments. This will no doubt increase the industries successes and provide a better platform to increase the nations literacy and help our country develop further. 

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